Our Services

Our Services

Blending Technology & Safety

At S.E.T., Technology and Safety goes hand in hand. SANYO ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS blends both in an innovative and advanced way to ensure the utmost compliance to clients’ safety regulations and best response to technology revolutions ongoing in the industry.

100% Original Manufacturer Parts

Sigma Electromechanical Trading stocks only SANYO ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS manufactured equipment and spare parts, imported directly from the factory.

Skilled Technicians from Sanyo Elevators and Escalators

Our engineers and technicians are all certified and possess specialized experience in dealing with Sanyo Elevators and Escalators manufactured equipment and parts.

24/7 Operation

We keep our clients’ equipment and business operations running without interruptions by responding to their problems and emergency situations in the shortest possible time through 24/7 customer service.

Fast Emergency Response

Our team is just a call or an email away. We pride ourselves with the fastest emergency response across the industry, with the least troubleshooting time. Credit goes to our motorcycle emergency response units.


The technology used in Sanyo’s manufactured units offered by S.E.T. is the latest of its kind in the U.A.E. The latest Dual 32-bit technology embedded in the equipment ensures high speed and multiple elevator control. Moreover, an exclusive Microprocessor Control Technology with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drives (VVVF) makes our elevators equipment highly efficient, resulting in their smooth and comfortable performance.



Our prime concern is the safety of our end user and S.E.T. can proudly claim an unblemished record in this aspect. All our products and services go through a multistage testing process and adhere to international safety standards. Apart from that, Sanyo products are acclaimed for their safety mechanisms and emergency protocols. This makes S.E.T products, one of the safest manufactured units in the industry.

Environmental Concern

At S.E.T., we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and always employ green techniques in all our services. We strive to utilize eco-friendly products in our systems, and are committed to a greener earth.

Sanyo is a good choice for eco-friendly customers since all of its products are highly energy efficient, free from noise and ensure maximum efficiency.

Our products are also designed to be highly power-efficient while at the same time, significantly reduce the carbon footprint they may leave behind. We are passionate about developing green technologies and our R&D department regularly make breakthroughs in eco friendly products that are not only efficient but safe for the environment.


Yes, Our Services are MOBILE!

In compliance to our commitment to excellent customer services, we are now one
step ahead in the industry through our motorcycle emergency response units.

Service Vehicles

We have our own service vehicles containing all necessary tools and spare parts and well trained and expert maintenance personnel, which enables us to provide the fastest service delivery across the region.

Toyota Avanza

Motorbike Response Units

Apart from vehicles, we have also introduced our own Motorbike Emergency Response Units that tackle the shut downs and emergency situations in no time. Like vehicles, these units are also equipped with all necessary tools and parts.

Technician Transport Vehicles

We have especially designed and developed such vehicles for facilitating the mobility of our technicians across the job sites. These vehicles carry multiple technicians at a time and help them reach the job locations as scheduled, without delays.


Material Transport Vehicles

Along with our technicians, we also especially focus our mobile-stock, including spare parts, components, equipment and tools. Upon demand, these vehicles deliver the required stuff to the job sites to ensure efficient and prompt service.