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mrseriesOur machine room less elevator is acquainted with the environmental friendly ideas (Green Community). It saves the energy by reducing the consumption of power. Compared with the equal load rating geared machine elevators, it saves above 25% of the electricity energy and 10% of the construction area. Nevertheless, it is oil free which means maintenance free, which makes another major advantage.

1.Environmental Protection Advantage

Our gearless elevators adopt the completely non-lubrication design. It does not need frequent renewal of the machine oil. It eliminates the greasy dirt pollution and hidden dangers of the fire disaster. It also assures more convenient maintenance and less repairs.

2.Quiet Running Advantage

Since it is not equipped with the decelerator which is necessary for the traditional traction machine with gear, it avoids energy loss in the gear drive and largely improves the noise and vibration problems of the traditional geared machine. Thus, it assures smooth and quiet running of the elevator.

3.Energy – Saving Advantage

Our gearless elevator requires a small starting current but gives high drive efficiency. Compared with the traditional traction machine, it can save above 25% of heat energy which noticeably reduces the usage costs of the elevators.

4.Space – Saving Advantage

Permanent magnet gearless traction machines are small, compact and light in weight. Therefore, they need less space than the traditional machines which saves more construction space that can be used for other things. However, they are very convenient for the machine room less elevators.