About Us

Company Profile

Sigma Electromechanical Trading – Taking Quality to the New Level

Established in 1999, Sigma Electromechanical Trading has grown to be a leading supplier of elevator, escalators and moving walks across the U.A.E. Being the only & exclusive agent of SANYO ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS in the region, Sigma Electromechanical Trading is recognized for providing the highest quality products and innovative technology in vertical transportation industry.

With more than 2000 units installed across the region, Sigma Electromechanical Trading has been successfully serving commercial as well as residential clients. Our comprehensive and diversified service portfolio consists of all horizontal and vertical transportation solutions including Machine Room Elevators, Machine Room-Less Elevators, Hydraulic Elevators, Villa Elevators, Panoramic Elevators, Bed Elevators, Automobile Elevators, Freight Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walks, and Dumbwaiters. All orders are custom made in order to meet clients’ specific requirements, helping them leveraging their vertical transportation objectives efficiently.

Our Vision

Our company was built with the dream of becoming a global leader in the horizontal and vertical transportation industry. We strive to achieve this by providing cutting edge solutions, in collaboration with our international manufacturing partners.

Our Mission

S.E.T.’s mission is to be a trusted supplier of high quality horizontal and vertical moving systems for clients across the region. Apart from that, we work hard every day to carve a special niche for our firm where our services are recognized for their customer centric approach with a distinct focus on innovative technology and end-users’ safety.

Our Manufacturing Partner


Sigma Electromechanical Trading L.L.C. (S.E.T.) is proud to be the only and exclusive Agent of SANYO ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS, the globally recognized manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walks and our trusted manufacturing partner in the U.A.E. Together, we have been expanding and diversifying our regional market share by providing clients with premium quality and highly customized products backed by the latest technology, utmost safety, longer lifecycle and least maintenance requirements. The products are strictly tested with highest international quality standards and comply with environmental considerations.

SANYO ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS is an international designer and manufacturer of elevators, escalators and moving walks. Sanyo has earned massive customer base globally during its 30 years of extensive operations in the industry. The huge facility of the company extended over 300,000 square meters with the annual manufacturing capacity of over 30,000 units.

SANYO ELEVATORS AND ESCALATORS believes in continuous improvisation in terms of quality and design. Its Research & Development Department is known for conducting intensive research, inventing creative solutions, utilizing the most updated technology and following internationally defined testing and inspection standards.

Our Technology

The elevators offered and distributed by Sigma Electromechanical Trading are all based on the latest Dual 32-bit Microprocessor Control Technology with Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Drives (VVVF). All the equipment we offer are embedded with an Emergency Landing Device unit to tackle emergency situations. In addition, all the offered equipment is highly resistant to extreme weather and humidity levels often experienced in Gulf states.

Maintenance & Warehousing

Our services are not limited to high-quality products provision and delivery; rather we also offer comprehensive maintenance schemes to ensure timely monitoring and maintenance of all our sold products including spare parts replacement and addressing emergency situations. In view of the clients’ demands, we also maintain a timely stock of all spare parts. Our warehouses are packed full of spare parts that may be required for replacement or maintenance any time.

Our Team

The Team Behind Our Safe and Reliable Horizontal and Vertical Transportation Solutions

Sigma Electromechanical Trading consists of specialized and highly experienced team committed to ensure customer excellence. Our skilled engineers and expert technicians make a strong force that is ever ready to deliver premium quality throughout the process; from supply to installation to maintenance to customer service.